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Getting Results With Your Website
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Getting Results with Your Website

An online presence is critical for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive world. As a result, your website is one of the most powerful tools for your organization. And you can’t just have any website. It should educate, inform, attract customers, and provide value to your audience. Your website is how your consumers will get to know you, connect, and ultimately help your business grow. But to get results with your website, it has to change, develop, and be active continually. And one of the best ways to create that impact is through consistently sharing blog content.

Blog Writing and Getting Recognized by Google

Consumers use search engines like Google for everything these days, including product reviews, research, and seeking other relevant information.  So companies need to become recognized by Google for these types of searches for improved sales. And there are steps you can take to rank well in search engines.

You can get recognized more easily by:

  • Establishing an SEO strategy
  • Optimizing your website with keywords
  • Developing content strategy
  • Executing a blog strategy

A blog is an informational tool or online journal where businesses and writers share their viewpoints on various subjects. They should be updated frequently and provide an opportunity to engage with your audience. Blog writing is an essential step in establishing a living, functional website to grow your business.

The Benefits of an Impactful Blog

A blog supports your content, marketing, and search engine strategy for your website. And there are many benefits of blogging, including:

  • Accelerating web traffic and increasing leads
  • Establishing a competitive edge
  • Building trusts and developing relationships with your consumers

But for your blog to be influential, it’s essential to include some key elements.

8 Steps to Developing an Effective Blog Strategy

1.     Develop a blog content strategy.

Establish clear goals and objectives for your posts, content purpose, and how your research and analysis will support your topics.

2.     Write for your target audience.

Discover who your ideal clients are; include demographics, psychographics, and their pain points. Then, develop your content around those key factors to speak directly to them.

3.     Build topics with focused keywords.

Keyword research and SEO implementation are important ways for prospective clients to find you on Google. Discover what words are being searched by your audience and then consistently implement them into your posts.

4.     Focus on being a solutions-based thought leader.

Becoming a thought leader can help you establish trust, authority, and authenticity within your industry with the competitive landscape.

5.     Casual and brief posts are critical for effective implementation.

It’s good practice to aim for 500-700 words per blog post as consumers search for quick, insightful information. You can achieve this by dividing your content into multiple posts, utilizing headings and bullets, and sharing various posts over time.

6.     Write and share your blogging schedule consistently.

Consistent posting is vital to gain awareness with your audience and search engines.

7.     Ensure you have a content promotion strategy in place.

While relevant, impactful content is essential, you’ll need to ensure that people can find it! Utilize the social platforms most used by your audience to share your content. 

8.     Analyze, refine, and repeat your blog content strategy.

It’ll take time, consistency, and effort to gain momentum, build a following, and establish traction on search engines. So reassess your strategy regularly and adjust your content as needed. Active, relevant, and growing websites are an essential tool for businesses. And one way to become established and recognized by consumers on search engines is through strategic, consistent, and relevant blog posts. Here at Belfield, our team has over 170 years of cumulative experience helping companies be more successful and profitable. And as a result, we can help you achieve more through compelling blog posts. Experience the Belfield difference!