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Google: A Pivotal Marketing Lifeline For Your Business

Search engines provide consumers with nearly unlimited product reviews, research, and business insights regarding purchase information online. And Google is the world’s largest online search engine, acting as a pivotal gateway and lifeline between companies and consumers.  While many components comprise this impactful tool, it hinges on a straightforward concept. Establishing authority and trust through relevant, valuable content will win confidence with both your audience and Google. 

Google: From Humble Beginnings to a Global Gateway 

When looking for a specific product or service, you’ll more than likely turn to the internet via a search engine for answers. And Google has the most substantial search market share in the world. But the company started from humble beginnings before evolving into the powerhouse tool that it is today. 

Google began in the 1990’s dorm rooms as a search engine utilizing links to identify the relevance of pages on the World Wide Web.  As the internet grew, organizing the wealth of information available became a more substantial necessity.  The founders of Google would go on to do just that: systemizing the globe’s information, making it accessible worldwide. Part of the systemization includes ranking systems composed of algorithms.   

Google’s Ranking Systems, Algorithms, and SEO

Ranking Systems

Google has ranking systems that sort through billions of web pages within their search index to find the most important and useful ones. These ranking systems help people discover what they’re looking for. A series of algorithms form these ranking systems.


Google’s algorithms are an intricate system that recovers data from its search index and provides the top results for a search question. They look at elements like query words, page usability, source expertise, relevance, and location. As a result, algorithms play a pivotal role in winning Google’s confidence.  


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in Google’s ranking systems. SEO is optimizing a website for better rankings in the organic search results in search engines like Google. It’s persuading search engines to emphasize your content as a top solution to users’ problems. 

Putting It All Together

Search engine bots “crawl” websites to collect information and create an index. When a user enters a particular query, these indexes are reviewed by algorithms to determine which sites must appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). When you optimize your content with up-to-date, valuable content with relevant keywords, you’ll help algorithms recognize you and get your information in front of more users. And having a solid SEO strategy built upon relevant content will significantly impact the opportunity for consumers to find you online.

Earning Your Audience’s and Google’s Trust

Today’s millennials are masters of digital tools and have begun demanding businesses to understand them and deliver on their promises. Organizations can best communicate with and successfully meet their audience’s needs through authenticity and trust. When companies provide relevant, honest, insightful information, they open the door to relationship building and developing that trust. 

Not only are consumers today looking for authentic, trustworthy brands, but Google is also. At one time, sites leveraged links and content for profit. However, Google eventually focused on sites providing beneficial information that would better establish a solid algorithm ranking. Today, Google aspires to reward those who focus on the audience instead of the algorithm itself, which is the key to earning their trust.

So Google puts a great deal of emphasis on the E-A-T acronym, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. They assess these factors on each website that they crawl to test whether the content is valuable and accurate. And those that meet those criteria will be found more easily.  

Google is a lifeline and gateway for businesses. Its key components hinge on quality content to establish trust, which helps Google’s algorithms discover you as important and valuable. By aiming to develop trust with your audience, you’ll win Google’s confidence as well.

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