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Impact Consulting

Business consultants help leaders enhance performance and growth by identifying and solving problems through improved methods, approaches, and systems. We at Belfield strategically partner with you through the consulting process to achieve your goals and experience many positive outcomes. But the most unique and significant role we play as consultants is through the implementation process, taking traditional business consulting one step further. Otherwise known as impact consulting, we’ll work alongside you from start to finish, ensuring you achieve your business goals!

Impact Consulting Defined

To impact means to have a substantial effect on something or someone. Consulting is providing expert advice, guidance, or information to someone. Therefore, impact consulting significantly impacts an organization and its leaders through guidance and expert insight. Other consulting firms do the analysis and hand you recommendations to execute on your own. Instead, we make an impact by staying with you during the implementation process!

Our Impact Consulting Process

At Belfield, we understand the complexities and challenges of business operations and leadership. And we’re passionate about helping you not only identify problem areas but implement the fix through sustainable execution and education, equipping you and your team for long-lasting success.

Our 5-Step Process

1. We’ll connect for a 20-minute chat 

We’ll begin your journey over a cup of coffee, meeting with one of our National Marketing Directors on-site or virtually. First, we’ll have an honest conversation to determine if we can provide your team with beneficial problem-solving. Then, we’ll begin to identify profit opportunities, operational improvements, strategy possibilities, and other comprehensive solution ideas. 

2. The Business Analysis

Next, we’ll send a senior business analyst to meet with you on-site or virtually. Our team will recognize your organization’s needs and discover solutions to identified problems through in-depth business analysis. Fundamentally, this analysis provides opportunities to find the best solutions, enabling your organization to continue reaching its goals. And if our analyst can’t recover at least $50,000 in profit opportunities, there’s no charge for the analysis.  

3. The Reveal

Third, we’ll have a conversation based on the precise opportunity areas and prepare a written report. This report includes:

  • Opportunities for increased profitabilities
  • Efficiencies
  • Cost controls
  • Written project recommendations

The analyst will diagnose, sharing the specific details and insights realized during the business analysis. For example, we’ll quantify where your company is losing profitability as well as the amount. This step may require a redefinition of the identified problem areas. We’ll ensure everyone on your leadership team is on board with our analysis and recommendations. 

4. Implement the solution through impact consulting

This step in the process helps us stand apart from other consultants. We don’t just identify your obstacles and weaknesses and tell you how to fix them. We’ll help you implement the solutions and strategies, working alongside you every step of the way. And while ownership maintains control, any recommended changes are discussed in advance and approved before the implementation phase begins. We’ll teach you how to not only resolve your current problems but show you how to manage your operations moving forward. 

As you start to put recommendations and controls into place, your business and the role you want to have in it become a reality. You’ll resolve problems you may face in the future, allowing your organization to achieve your goals and experience success for the long haul.

5. We guarantee our results 

We’ll help you permanently enhance your organizational effectiveness through our consulting services. And suppose we cannot guarantee a $2.00 return for every $1.00 invested in consulting within 12 months. In that case, we will not recommend a consulting project.  

You’ll feel renewed and excited to be a business owner again through impact consulting. At Belfield, we’ll guide you every step of the way, helping you implement changes and support you for the long haul. For more information about impact consulting, click here!