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Social Media for Business – Avoid the Pitfalls

Social Media for Business - Avoid the Pitfalls

So, you’ve decided to start using social media for your business – fantastic! Social media is an excellent marketing tool that companies worldwide utilize daily to expand their influence over potential customers and clients. In fact, some of the biggest brands globally, like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nike, and more, use it every day. But, while social media is a fantastic tool, there are certain pitfalls that businesses can fall into if they don’t know how to use it correctly. This blog will help you understand what mistakes not to make so that you can have a successful social media presence in 2022. 

Not Having a Social Media Strategy

As with any strategy, social media strategies are designed to give a focus and direction on what to post. Your strategy can include the frequency of posts, topics, layout, and more. Having a social media strategy is critical to the success of your presence on the platforms, so you must plan this out in advance of putting out any media. You can measure the success of your strategy using KPIs. 

Creating the Same Post for Every Channel

Different media platforms need different types of posts. You wouldn’t want a serious business post on TikTok, nor would you want a trending dance move to appear on your company’s LinkedIn! Understanding the versatility of each type of platform and creating the right content for each type is critical to your media success. Similarly, it’s essential to understand that your business and brand might not suit all the platforms. Select what platforms to show up on carefully because being present on all of them will spread your marketing team thinly. Instead of success, you’ll have a lackluster social media presence and a burned-out team. 

You Are Not Consistent

As with anything that leads to success, consistency is key! This is vital for how often you post, but we also mean the time of day you post, the type of content, and what platforms you post on. When you create your social media strategy, it is important to outline all of these elements and stick to them. Consistently showing up on your socials will develop an audience, leading to more exposure and, ultimately, more sales. 

Selling, Not Informing

No one comes on social media to repeatedly be sold a product. We go on to be informed, learn new things, and deepen our understanding of things that interest us. Sometimes it is used to tune out from the rest of the world: a welcome break from the busy workday. Ensure that your business focuses on informing its audience, not selling. 

Not Hiring Experts

Contrary to what many business owners think, social media is complex. It requires experts: from strategists to community managers, copywriters, and graphic designers, to create the perfect social media presence. Not hiring the right staff can be highly detrimental to your business. It’s essential to get this right, so hire the experts if you can afford it. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of social media. It continues to dominate the marketing landscape in 2022. With new platforms taking center stage, it’s vital that if your business keeps up, and you take the time to create a social media presence that will stand out. Follow the tips in this blog to avoid the common mistakes businesses make with their social media.

If you’re not sure if your social media strategy is on the right track, discuss it with an advisor from Cornerstone Business Solutions. We’ll help to ensure you’re getting the proper message broadcast.