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Undergraduate Series

Learn From Our Experience

170+ Years of Knowledge in Less Than 8 Hours

Get Hard Core Knowledge backed with real life personal experiences

Curriculum Outline

Bundle 1: The Ins and Outs of Your Money

Money In, Money Out – How to Create a Budget

What about the books? – Account & Bookkeeping

How Do I Keep These Accounts Straight? – Understanding a Chart of Accounts

How Did We Do Last Quarter – Financial Statements

How to Get Paid on Time – Managing Accounts Receivable

Bundle 2: Your People are Your Biggest Asset

Talent Acquisition as a Business Strategy  – When and How to Hire Employees

Finding and Building Great Employees – Job Descriptions & Employee Handbooks 

Employee Roles That Make Sense – Understanding Employee Roles

Investing in Your People – Human Resource Management

Leading Is Better Than Managing – Business Leadership

Bundle 3: Get it Running, Keep it Running

Build a Plan for Success – Writing a Business Plan

How to Sell it – Sales

How to Advertise it – Marketing

What Does This All Cost? – Understanding Overhead

What’s in the Bank? – Cash Flow Management

AND Demo Lessons, Given Free of Charge

"I'm really grateful for the knowledge that I acquired through this team."

- Isaac Preston


"This program is very powerful..."

- Devon Godfrey

Devon Godfrey
Devon Godfrey
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This program is very powerful. These guys have seen everything under the sun, and it's incredible how much their insights have helped me overcome the struggles in my own business. Don't leave home without this. This program will help you shave years off of your business goals.
Isaac Preston
Isaac Preston
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"Having been in business for 15 years, I thought I knew a thing or two about how to operate. In just a few sessions with Belfield, I realized that I had large gaps in my knowledge that even master's level business courses didn't teach me. I'm really grateful for the knowledge that I acquired through this team, and am quite positive that I will see higher profitability in the coming months due to that knowledge."

Total Value: $102,500

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A Bundle of 5 Lessons:

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Full Series:

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Because we provide professional consulting services, the purchase price of the lessons are a 100% tax writeoff.

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Foundations for Business Success
Lesson Group: No Lesson Groups - Still Get Free Demo Lessons, Buy Lessons Individually,
Foundations for Business Success
Lesson Group: 1000 - Full Course,
Foundations for Business Success
Lesson Group: 1000.1 - Bundle 1: 5 Lessons at 15% Off,
Foundations for Business Success
Lesson Group: 1000.2 - Bundle 2: 5 Lessons at 15% Off,
Foundations for Business Success
Lesson Group: 1000.3 - Bundle 3: 5 Lessons at 15% Off,

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