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Our Team

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Belfield Management Team

Rob Belfield

Executive Business Analyst
Rob has helped over 300 businesses throughout his consulting career.  That represents a lot of business success stories! He holds the position of CEO-President Belfield Management Solutions, INC.  He’s worked for over fifteen years with companies in many verticals, such as transportation, consumer goods, manufacturing, construction, trades, and utilities.

Michael Roy

Chief Operating Officer
Michael Roy brings over 35 years of experience to the Belfield group. His history includes business ownership, business stewardship, management, and consulting.  Michael holds several business and accounting certifications and licenses, including Texas insurance and real estate licenses.

Jeff Hughes

Division Vice President
Survey Service-NMD Management
Jeff has a strong history in international business.  He owned and managed construction and distribution companies. Jeff has experience designing and developing products for manufacture in China. In his 30 years of experience as a business analyst, he has focused on international and domestic contracting, manufacturing, distribution, service, and dealerships. 

CJ Robison

Chief Financial Officer
CJ has worked in several verticals in her career, including energy providers, engineering firms, drilling companies, the transportation industry, and consulting companies.  Her consulting and project management expertise has provided relief to many business owners and corporate executives.

Senior Business Consultants and Project Managers

Sam Hope

Senior Business Analyst
Sam started his 45 year career as majority owner/general manager of a utility right of way clearing contractor for various utilities in the state of Florida. Later, he organized a marketing joint venture for several manufacturers in both Russia and Kazakhstan.

For the past 20 years Sam has been a Senior Business Analyst in the consulting industry analyzing over 1500 small to midsize businesses throughout the United States.

John Moscicki

Senior Business Consultant
Project Manager
John has built a solid background as a managing executive over his 35-year career. His work history includes being Executive Director of the Center for Business & Industry and President and CEO of Columbia Ultimate Business Systems. John’s history of work in senior executive roles and as a consultant to senior management makes him a perfect fit at Belfield.

Jim Rossner

Senior Business Consultant
Project Manager
Jim has designed and redesigned product roadmaps and worked to design and implement overall marketing and sales programs.

He also has the flexibility and expertise to work with venture-backed startups as well as existing enterprise.  His advice is valued in both strategy and execution.

Kurt Weidenbenner

Senior Business Consultant
Project Manager
Kurt has a long history and a strong reputation as an entrepreneur specializing in business development. Kurt is responsible for developing and growing two successful start-ups. As VP of Business Development, he was responsible for over $100 million in two years. When it comes to strategic planning, Kurt is widely acknowledged as an expert.

Bob Woodward

Senior Business Consultant
Project Manager
Bob Woodward is a general management business consultant with a wealth of experience. He’s especially adept in advising small and medium-sized businesses. His work involves mentoring small business owners and C-Level executives and as a senior advisor to boards. Bob has held CFO positions and served on the boards of publicly traded and privately held companies.

Leadership Team

James Rutkowski

Senior Project Manager
Leadership & Implementation Team
James has a long history and a strong reputation in business development, growing product lines, as well as working with major companies and smaller firms. James is widely known as an expert in clarity, systems and making things happen through management and teamwork.

Christopher John

Personal Performance Specialist
Leadership & Implementation Team
Christopher is a game changer in the area of personal performance, excelling in all aspects of personal growth. With over 15 years in education, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, he has a unique ability to quickly train and achieve mastery level with his clients. Christopher has helped over 200 clients over the years, and has led and trained other leadership and performance consultants.

Denise Roberts

Leadership & Implementation Team
Denise Roberts brings over 30 years of experience to the Belfield group. Her background includes business ownership, public speaking, leadership training, and facilitated accountability groups. As the creator of the Painless Prospecting Process, she has worked with small & medium sized businesses as well as major corporations to help them connect with their customers, resulting in hundreds of leads and millions of dollars in sales in less than 90 days

Rick Hinshaw

National Marketing Director
Rick Hinshaw brings 30 years of general management leadership in Turnaround / Next Level of small and medium companies in Business Services. Rick has dual expertise in operations and sales that spans several industries. He produced major performance improvements by re-engineering the organizations and cultures leading to empowered employees exceeding expectations. He is able to communicate effectively with all levels from the CEO to front line employees to build a unified team.


Belfield Management Solutions Offers Business Consulting
For Today’s Business Owner

Rob Belfield, experienced business consultant and Managing Director and Owner of Belfield Management Solutions, has been a Senior Business Analyst for over fifteen years. He’s built a strong reputation, helping over 300 companies cut overhead and increase profitability. In many cases, he improved results and often brought businesses back from the brink of collapse to become thriving, profitable enterprises.

At Belfield, Rob has put together a team of senior business consultants. Their specialized strengths vary and complement each other in the consulting world. Together, they have over one 170 combined experience helping business owners run successful companies.

Experience the Belfield Management Solutions difference and partner with us to take your company to new levels of growth and profitability. Get superior business consulting for a fraction of the typical cost for this support.

With our practical, measurable, and personalized service, our consulting team is there for you! We deliver our consulting services according to your schedule, not ours. We offer our self-paced E-Learning series, which deploys business basics in video format and step-by-step written format with complete document backup. If you are struggling, or need help with implementation of the project, we also provide on-site or virtual business analysis and consulting to help you concentrate on your business while we concentrate on the implementations and corrections in your business.

The best thing about doing business with Belfield Management Solutions is our ability to get you the customized help you need. Partner with us using a solution-based framework through various delivery methods and within your company’s budget.

Why We're Different

We're a solutions based business consulting company

We specialize in implementation business consulting. What does that mean exactly? We implement the project, and train you and your employees as we go. For us, it’s not about telling you what’s wrong and then sending you a bill, we make the correction and you see the profits and improved efficiency.

We can help you in many ways. We’ll make it convenient and be considerate of your time and budget. You’ll have self-help options, along with virtual or in-person options that can bring meaningful, measurable change and improvements to your organization.

You’ll find our advice and best practices to be affordable, convenient, on-demand, and in plain language… everything you need to be the successful business owner!

Mission Statement

Belfield Management Solutions is on a Mission! We want to help your company increase profitability, increase efficiency, and control costs. We help you create and sustain a legacy instead of a business. Let us help you restore balance to your company with increased profitability.

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