About Us

Our Company

Belfield Management Solutions offers business consulting for today’s business owner.

Rob Belfield, experienced business consultant and Managing Director and Owner, has been a Senior Business Analyst for over fifteen years. He’s built a strong reputation, helping over 300 companies cut overhead and increase profitability. In many cases, he improved results and often brought businesses back from the brink of collapse to become thriving, profitable enterprises.

Rob has put together a team of senior business consultants. Their specialized strengths vary and complement each other in the consulting world. Together, they have over 170 years of combined experience helping business owners run successful companies.

Experience the difference and partner with us to take your company to new levels of growth and profitability. Get superior business consulting for a fraction of the typical cost for this support.

With our practical, measurable, and personalized service, our consulting team is there for you! We deliver our consulting services according to your schedule, not ours. We offer our self-paced E-Learning series, which deploys business basics in video format and step-by-step written format with complete document backup. If you are struggling, or need help with implementation of the project, we also provide on-site or virtual business analysis and consulting to help you concentrate on your business while we concentrate on the implementations and corrections in your business.

The best thing is our ability to get you the customized help you need. Partner with us using a solution-based framework through various delivery methods and within your company’s budget.

Why We're Different

We're a solutions based business consulting firm.

We specialize in implementation business consulting. What does that mean exactly? We implement the project, and train you and your employees as we go. For us, it’s not about telling you what’s wrong and then sending you a bill, we make the correction and you see the profits and improved efficiency. We are the only consulting firm that offers monthly fixed rate pricing instead of hourly billing rates.

We can help you in many ways. We’ll make it convenient and be considerate of your time and budget. You’ll have self-help options, along with virtual or in-person options that can bring meaningful, measurable change and improvements to your organization.

You’ll find our advice and best practices to be affordable, convenient, on-demand, and in plain language; everything you need to be the successful business owner!

Mission Statement

Belfield Management Solutions is on a mission! We want to help your company increase profitability, increase efficiency, and control costs. We help you create and sustain a legacy instead of a business. Let us help you restore balance to your company with increased profitability.