Business Growth

Expanding and Growing Your Business

A company can actually lose profitability by growing uncontrolled. If you do not have the correct controls in place to monitor and manage the growth, your company revenue will increase but the percentage of profitability will decrease. We have witnessed this in thousands of companies with whom we have worked.

Business is a cycle; some years sales will increase, some years sales will decrease. The percentage of profitability should remain consistant with accurate cost controls in place.

All business owners know that expanding and growing a business can be challenging. As we continue to lead into 2024, companies worldwide are looking at what moves they can make to grow and expand during these twelve months. However, growing and scaling means more than simply hiring: in fact, that's the last step on a long list of necessary tasks. There's marketing, generating revenue, dealing with taxes, finding suitable office space, and increasing customer sales. There are plenty of things to do, plan, and commit to while also trying to run the day-to-day aspect of the business.

If you're looking at growing your business in 2024, you might come to many points along the journey where giving up could be an option. But, at Belfield, we want to encourage you to stick to it. This page should give you some insight into ways to grow and expand your business in 2024.

Perfect Your Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel will help automate your business and guide potential clients or customers into purchasing your business. This can help ease the stress of your day-to-day sales strategy. You will provide a clear and definite way for clients to see the value in your offer and make a purchase. Taking the time to make this funnel as strong as possible will pay off in the long run, particularly as you start to grow and scale the overall business model.

Use a Customer Management System (CMS)

A CMS will help you keep track of your customers. As you continue to grow and scale, it's essential to understand your customer's values, how they are making purchases, and keep an eye on their customer journey. It also helps manage their relationships with them. If you care about a long-term process, you'll want to ensure that this is a priority.

Identify New Opportunities

Use your research into your competitors to help you find new opportunities within the market. You can do this because your competitors will ultimately help you understand your own demographic better. You'll know who you need to reach and how to reach them. By identifying new opportunities, you can fill gaps in the market before other businesses do.

Know Your Competitors

Knowing and understanding your competition is crucial for successfully growing and scaling your business. It's vital to assess the market, how your competitors are doing, and what methods they're using to generate sales. This will help you as you continue to expand on the market yourself because you'll have an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn't.

Consider Passive Income

Passive income streams are a way of diversifying your income stream, increasing profit margins, and reaching new customers without increasing your day-to-day work. You're now giving your business new room to grow, scale, and expand by increasing your profit margins.

There are ample ways to help your business grow and expand in 2024. It's all about creating those opportunities for your business to do it comfortably. If you need further help and advice about growing and scaling your business this year, why not talk to one of the experts at Belfield. We'd be happy to help!